Peter Calabria

Peter was a Manning Valley resident and director of Sunne Printing for almost thirty years. His formative years, on a farm in Griffith, nurtured his talent for creating useful items from the materials at hand and creating more efficient systems for completing farm tasks. These skills were to become invaluable in his career in the graphic arts industry. While often using his skills to create products and build things, he didn't get the chance to take up woodturning until more recent years. His desire to create "functional art" has led to pieces, while perhaps a little away from the "norm", are made to be used on a regular basis.

Peter enjoys bringing together different skills and materials and is not afraid to venture into uncharted waters.

Christine Calabria

Tasmanian born and bred, Peter's wife, Christine, has the artist's eye. Her appreciation of artistic pursuits was developed through watching her mother creating magnificent floral arrangements, decorating cakes and, in later years, painting exquisite porcelain plates. Her own art and craft endeavours over the years have included, mixed media and photo collage, pencil drawing, photography (both taking and developing) metal shim embossing, leather work, decoupage, paper tole and counted cross stitch. Recent additions include precious metal clay, glass slumping and fusing, silk painting, candle making, soap making and creative picture framing. Her experience as a schoolteacher and skills in the art field, as well as a great eye for colour, make her an invaluable member of the team.

Anne Calabria

Peter's mum, Anne, has also been a "hands-on" creator all her life. From tailored clothes to soft furnishings, to decorating on a budget with whatever was to hand, she is a master at creating "something priceless from nothing."

Anne's special talent is her brilliant Italian style cooking.